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Spatial is a ruggedized miniature GPS aided inertial navigation system and AHRS that provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation under the most demanding conditions. It combines temperature calibrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and a pressure sensor with an advanced GNSS receiver. These are coupled in a sophisticated fusion algorithm to deliver accurate and reliable navigation and orientation.


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AWAC (Acoustic Waves and Currents)

The Nortek Acoustic Waves and Currents (AWAC) sensor is a current profiler and directional wave system in one unit. The AWAC is well suited for both autonomous data collection and as part of a real-time data telemetry system. Subsurface deployment means the instrument is always protected from harsh weather, vandalism, and ship traffic. The small, yet rugged instrument is suitable for multi-year operation in tough environments. Plastic and titanium parts avoid corrosion. The AWAC is available in three transmit frequencies for operational ranges spanning 2m - 100m.

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ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers)
Current profilers measure current speed and direction in multiple layers throughout the water column.
Shallow water current profilers can both measure the currents and the wave height / direction for engineering applications.
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Workhorse Sentinel ADCP (RD Instruments)
The self-contained Workhorse Sentinel ADCP is Teledyne RD Instruments' most popular and versatile acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) configuration, boasting thousands of units in operation in over 50 countries around the world.
By providing profiling ranges from 1 to 165 m, the high-frequency Workhorse Sentinel ADCP is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. The Workhorse Sentinel also offers unbeatable precision, with unmatched low power consumption, allowing you to collect more data over an extended period.
The lightweight and adaptable Workhorse Sentinel is easily deployed on buoys, boats, or mounted on the seafloor. Real-time data can be transmitted to shore via a cable link or acoustic modem, or data can be stored internally for short or long-term deployments. The Sentinel is easily upgraded to include pressure, bottom tracking, and/or directional wave measurement - for the ultimate data collection solution.


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SBE 39
  • The SBE 39plus is a high-accuracy, fast-sampling temperature and pressure recorder with USB interface, internal batteries, and memory. The 39plus is designed for moorings or other long-duration, fixed-site deployments, as well as deployments on nets, towed vehicles, or ROVs.
  • Data is recorded in memory and can also be output in real-time.
  • Measured data are output in engineering units.
  • Memory capacity exceeds 9.5 million samples without pressure, or 5.5 million samples with pressure.
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SBE 37
  • The SBE 37-SI MicroCAT is a high-accuracy conductivity, temperature and pressure recorder with Serial interface (RS-232 or RS-485) and memory. Externally powered, it can be used for moored applications requiring fast sampling.
  • Data is output in real-time and can be recorded in memory; memory capacity exceeds 530,000 samples. Measured data and derived variables (salinity, sound velocity, depth, density) are output in engineering units.
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  • The SBE 19plus V2 SeaCAT measures conductivity, temperature, and pressure at 4 scans/sec (4 Hz) and provides high accuracy and resolution, reliability, and ease-of-use for a wide range of research, monitoring, and engineering applications.
  • Data is recorded in memory and can also be output in real-time in engineering units or raw HEX. Nine alkaline D-cells provide power for up to 60 hours of profiling.
  • The 19plus V2 is commonly used autonomously, recording data internally. It can also provide real-time acquisition and display over short cables via the RS-232 interface; a load-bearing cable for hand-hauled, real-time profiling is available.
  • The 19plus V2 is easily integrated with a Sea-Bird Water Sampler; both real-time and autonomous auto-fire operations are possible. In moored mode, the 19plus V2 records data at user-programmable intervals.

Trimble GPS

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Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver

The Trimble® SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver is simply the most advanced construction modular receiver on the market. Its position-only or position and heading capability set it apart from the competition. Its ease of configuration and use as a base or rover, and its choice of antennas make it truly universal - capable of any operation.

The SPS855 combines the radio and GPS receiver in a single housing. You can secure the majority of your investment inside a site trailer, vessel cabin, or carrying case, protected from the elements and/or theft, leaving only the antennas outside.

Available in a range of options to suit your individual applications, flexibility and performance requirements, versatile Trimble GNSS receivers are a future-proof investment. The SPS855 uses all currently available satellite signals including L1, L2 and the GPS modernized L2C code. It can be upgraded with GLONASS and L5 GPS signals to optimize performance in areas of tough GPS-only conditions and maximize your investment well into the future.

It is also part of a larger family of receivers that have the same user interface, the same accessories and the same workflows, allowing multi-unit fleets to be created with interchangeable components.

Trimble SPS361 Modular GPS Heading Receiver

Trimble SPS361 Modular GPS Heading receivers are ideal for the following site development and marine construction applications:

  • RTKroveronsitevehicleormarinevesselsthatrequirepositionandheading
  • Site and marine rover applications using Location GPS augmentation, including OmniSTAR, Location RTK, SBAS, Beacon, and DGPS RTCM

The receiver has a keypad and display, so you can configure the receiver without using a controller or computer. All the receivers can optionally record GPS data to the internal memory, and transfer the data over a serial or Ethernet connection.


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echoMAP CHIRP 95sv
  • 9-inch color display with keypad control
  • Includes transducer with high wide CHIRP (250 W) and CHIRP ClearVü/SideVü (455/800 kHz, 500 W). GT51-TM included with part number 010-01581-30 only.
  • Panoptix™ all-seeing sonar support (transducer not included)
  • Includes Quickdraw Contours custom HD map creation software